Mátra Group
By possessing the professional experience, the know-how as well as the special technology, its subsidiaries are important pillars of the company’s vision. In addition to serving the power plant and the mines, these companies have marketable production and service capacities, which provide a solid basis for the implementation of the industrial development programme in the region.

Geosol Kft. (Ltd.)

Geosol Kft. is Hungary’s most experienced and most dynamically developing company trading and producing renewable fuels. It aims to supply conventional and biomass-fired power plants with a wide range of high-quality alternative fuels, enabling the replacement of fossil energy sources and the improvement of CO2 positions, which is a key aspect of its product development activities. In addition to biomass products, the main direction of development was the commercial use of energetically utilizable parts of waste. Its innovative operation of more than 10 years laid the foundation of the country's most complex and state-of-the-art complex biomass and waste management system, which supplies the Mátra Power Plant. Since 2010, it has been connected to the power plant's systems with 2 pipelines, through which it is contributing to the electricity generation with biomass (agricultural by-products and materials) and the energetically utilizable part of the pre-selected and pre-treated fractions of public and industrial solid waste.

In its product portfolio, the company maintains the dominance of biomass fuels, at the same time a key part of the implementation of its strategy is the steady development of waste-based fuel products. Thus, it maintains its technological advantage and market leadership in waste-based technologies and contributes to the overall goals of a sustainable economy and environmental protection.

Secondary priority is the supply of fuel to biomass-fired power plants as a trading partner. Through the use of fuel provided by GEOSOL, the company's power plant partners are entitled to apply "renewable electricity" tariffs (KÁT / METÁR / brown premium), which has significant business and environmental benefits.

MVM Mátra Gép Kft. (earlier: Mátrai Erőmű Központi Karbantartó Kft.)

The company was established in 1993 on the basis of more than thirty years of experience in the domestic production, construction and maintenance of mechanical equipment in open-pit mining. The company manufactures or repairs machines not only for the power plant and its mines, but also executes significant orders from the domestic and foreign markets. It undertakes cutting/machining small and large parts, the production of gear rings, the heat treatment of parts and the repair of power units, gearboxes and rotating electrical machines with guaranteed quality and flexible deadlines. It continuously manufactures main parts of mining machines and steel structural elements for deep and open-pit mines abroad. In addition, it has already manufactured crushing equipment of scrap metal shredders for bodyshells of vehicles for Mexico, Japan and several European countries.

MVM Mátra Mélyépítő Kft. (earlier: Mátrai Erőmű Bányászati Mélyépítő Kft.)

The company began its operations in June 2019 in the Eastern III. mine of Visonta. One of the main profiles of the company in the open-pit mines of Visonta and Bükkábrány is the production of sedimentary materials, overburden and lignite with tracked excavators, loading and transporting the excavated materials on trucks, and the performance of other related activities, as required. The other main activity is the support and service of the mining equipment in the same plants. On behalf of the Mátra Power Plant, the company constructs the roads in the mine, carries out the construction and cleaning of stream beds, earthworks related to archaeological activities, recultivation works, preparation of PV areas, truck transports, as well as the rental of bulldozers and sale of fuels.



Bakony-Sol Ltd.

Full name of the Company: Bakony-Sol Tüzelőanyag Előkészítő és Feldolgozó Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

The registered office of the Company: 1143 Budapest, Ilka utca 2-4.

Company registration number: Cg.01-09-928627