Internship programs

Since 2008, Mátrai Erőmű ZRt. has offered a new type of summer internship for electrical, mechanical and mining engineer students, who are completing their studies in bachelor education that requires practice.

In addition to professional development, the goal of our internship program is to introduce the prospective engineers to the company’s activities (mining, electricity generation, environmental protection) during a joint one-week programme and to show them the real face and opportunities of the company through presentations, mine and power plant visits.

If you

  • … are a student of any of the courses mentioned above,
  • … would like to learn more about your profession,
  • … are interested in the only lignite-fired power plant of Hungary,
  • … would like to gain experience from professional staff,

who have more decades of experience, CONTACT US!

Nikolett Hajduk-Macsi


Phone: +36 (37) 335-210

Károlyné Kiss


Phone: +36 (37) 334-113