Apprenticeship, professional trainings

Recognizing the shortage of skilled workers in Hungary, our company aims to help students choose a career and to provide practical professional trainings of apprentices.

If you are interested in further studies after leaving primary school to become an industrial mechanic, an electrician, a miner or a power electro-technician at any of the schools and institutions listed below, you can have the opportunity to spend your apprenticeship period at our company.

Students can participate in the practical professional trainings with an apprenticeship contract under the guidance of vocational instructors and trainers with a high level of professional knowledge and decades of experience.

What we can offer for our apprentices:

  • cash benefit
  • support for meals and commuting to places of trainings,
  • toiletries,
  • work clothes and personal protective equipment,
  • and for the best: job opportunities our company

If you are interested and need further information WRITE US or CALL US:

Károlyné Kiss


Phone: +36 (37) 334-113

Judit Rudasné Tiszóczki


Phone: +36 (37) 334-273

Dóra Ördög

Phone: +36 (37) 335 210